The Afghan Whigs: Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition)

Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition)

The Afghan Whigs

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LOS ANGELES – In 1996, The Afghan Whigs were fresh off the worldwide success of Gentlemen. They had toured the world, graced magazine covers, television performances, major festivals, the works. However, their follow up album would not be Gentlemen II. It would be a pivot and a full public display of the growth and maturity of Greg Dulli’s songwriting.

Released in the spring of 1996, Black Love was the Afghan Whigs’ fifth studio album overall. The music was inspired by lead singer Greg Dulli’s idea to make a film noir movie. Although the film was never made, it did help inform the album’s dark tone and fuel songs like the singles “Honky’s Ladder” and “Going To Town.” The album opener, “Crime Scene Part One” was inspired by the screenplay for “The Million Dollar Hotel,” while “Blame, Etc.” reflected on the troubled life of Temptations singer David Ruffin.

BLACK LOVE (20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) includes nine previously unreleased recordings. Among the standouts are acoustic versions of “Going To Town” called: “Go To Town” and “Crime Scene Part Two.” Also included is a demo for “Faded,” which closed the original album, as well as a solo piano cover of the New Order classic “Regret.” The unreleased material also highlights the band’s creative process with “Mick Taylor Jam” and “Wynton Kelly Jam.”

*previously unreleased

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Disc 1
1 Crime Scene Part One  
2 My Enemy  
3 Double Day  
4 Blame, Etc.  
5 Step Into The Light  
6 Going To Town  
7 Honky’s Ladder  
8 Night By Candlelight  
9 Bulletproof  
10 Summer’s Kiss  
11 Faded  
Disc 2
1 Go To Town – Acoustic Version/Mix  
2 Leaving Town – Mix 1.0*  
3 Faded – Demo*  
4 Regret*  
5 Crime Scene Part II – Mix 1.1 with Scratch Vocals*  
6 Mick Taylor Jam*  
7 Wynton Kelly Jam*  
8 I Often Think Of You*  
9 Staring Across The Water*  

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The Afghan Whigs: Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition)
The Afghan Whigs
Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition)
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