Irmin Schmidt: Electro Violet: Signed

Electro Violet: Signed

Irmin Schmidt

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Signed by Irmin Schmidt

Pre-order the 'Electro Violet' 12 CD Deluxe Box Set and your copy will be signed by Irmin Schmidt

Electro Violet is the career spanning retrospective from legendary avant-garde composer Irmin Schmidt, out on Mute / Spoon Records on 20 November 2015. This 12 CD deluxe box set takes you on a journey through his entire solo work from 1981 to the present day.

Irmin Schmidt is a founding member of Can, the German band whose unparalleled genius remains unquestioned, timeless and immeasurably influential. When all Can members decided to part and explore new sounds, Irmin teamed up with Swiss jazz and electronics musician Bruno Spoerri to make his first post-Can album, Toy Planet (1981), which opens the box set. The collection then travels through to his Gormenghast opera, solo albums, collaborations with Kumo (Jono Podmore) and Duncan Fallowell, plus his extensive and award winning film soundtrack work.

After a classical education as pianist, conductor and composer, Irmin Schmidt – who studied under Stockhausen and Ligeti – established Can in the late 60s combining classic new music with rock and jazz. The band’s powerful influence has never diminished and recently Irmin Schmidt was awarded a Knighthood – the Chevalier De L’Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres – for his contribution to arts and culture by the French Ministry of Culture.

Following the release of Toy Planet, Schmidt continued his work for film and released his second solo album, Musk At Dusk (1987), followed by Impossible Holidays (1991).

Both Musk At Dusk and Impossible Holidays feature lyrics by the novelist Duncan Fallowell, sung by Schmidt. The collaboration with Fallowell continued with his next project: the opera Gormenghast, based on Mervyn Peake’s classic novel, for which Fallowell wrote the libretto.

During work on the opera Irmin Schmidt met Jono Podmore, electronic composer and programming specialist, which whom he formed the duo Irmin Schmidt & Kumo and released two albums: Master Of Confusion (2001) and Axolotl Eyes (2008).

All six solo albums are featured in Irmin Schmidt’s Electro Violet alongside six soundtrack CDs that provide an overview of Schmidt’s work for film.

The Film Musik CDs include a previously unreleased album, Film Musik Anthology Vol. 6 and the collection includes music from across over 100 soundtracks and theatre compositions that Schmidt has worked on over the past three decades, with music from Palermo Shooting (Wim Wenders, 2008), Schneeland (Hans W. Geissendörfer, 2005) as well as the critically acclaimed German TV series Bloch and Tatort plus the TV film, Mord In Eberswalde by Stephan Wagner, for which Schmidt won the Best Film Music award from the Deutsche Akademie Für Fernsehen in 2013.

The Electro Violet box comes with a 50-page booklet, featuring new sleevenotes from Max Dax and Irmin Schmidt. Each album is presented in an individual gatefold sleeve and the artwork, entitled Bärenkuss 5, is by longtime friend, the Berlin artist FRANEK.


Toy Planet (1981) by Irmin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri (Spoon 011)

  1. The Seven Game
  2. Toy Planet
  3. Two Dolphins Go Dancing
  4. Yom Tov
  5. Springlight Rite
  6. Rapido De Noir
  7. When The Water Came To Life

Musk At Dusk (1997) (Spoon 037)

  1. Cliff Into Silence
  2. Love
  3. Roll On, Euphrates
  4. The Great Escape
  5. Villa Wunderbar
  6. The Child In History
  7. Alcool

Impossible Holidays (1993) (Spoon 038)

  1. Dreambite
  2. Le Weekend
  3. Surprise
  4. Shudder Of Love
  5. Lullaby Big
  6. Time The Dreamkiller
  7. Gormenghast Drift

Gormenghast (1998) (Spoon 044)

  1. Overture
  2. Gertrude’s Aria: Touch
  3. Swelter’s Aria: Be A Happy Carnivore!
  4. Steerpike’s Song: Oxygen
  5. Fuchsia’s Song: Rainbow Party
  6. Ensemble: Joy
  7. The Twin’s Duet: Triumph
  8. Barquentine’s Aria: Possess Me, chaos!
  9. Sepulchrave’s Aria: Behold The Night!
  10. Duet Fuchsia & Steerpike: The Birds Are Leaving For The South.
  11. Fuchsia’s aria: Fall, Friendly Rain.

Masters Of Confusion – Irmin Schmidt & Kumo (2001) (Spoon 45)

  1. Goatfooted Balloonman
  2. Las Plumas Del Buho
  3. Burning Straw Sky
  4. Those Fuzzy Things (Out There)
  5. Fledermenschen
  6. Beauty Duty
  7. Gentle Into That Night (Gormenghast Drift V.5.2)
  8. Either Or The Survivor

Axoloti Eyes – Irmin Schmidt & Kumo (2008) (Spoon 48)

  1. Kick On The Floods
  2. Drifting Days, Crime Pays
  3. Umbilicus Clear
  4. Raketenstadt
  5. Atoloxl Eyes
  6. Meteor Infected
  7. Etrurian Waltz


Anthology Soundtrack (1978 - 93) 1, 2 & 3 - 3Cd box set - 1994 SPOON32/33/34

Filmmusik Anthology 1

  1. Verdi Prati Valse
  2. Pauline
  3. Rote Erde (Titelmusik)
  4. Qui Sait
  5. Heimkehr
  6. Valse Meringue
  7. Es Geht Ein Schnitter
  8. Bohemian Step
  9. Zocker
  10. Nut’s N News
  11. Gesicht Im Dunkel
  12. Mountain Way
  13. Ritas’s Tune
  14. G.String
  15. Baal
  16. Mzungu

Filmmusik Anthology 2

  1. Roll On Euphrates (Titelmusik)
  2. You Make Me Nervous
  3. Mary In A Coma
  4. Kein Schoner La La
  5. Zombie Mama
  6. Stille Tranem Walzer
  7. City Of Magic
  8. Ultimate City Limit
  9. Morning In Berlin
  10. Aller Tage Abend Walzer
  11. Asagrai
  12. Moderlied
  13. Balance

Filmmusik Anthology 3

  1. Wallenstein
  2. Vision
  3. Furst Von Atlantis
  4. Man On Fire
  5. Solo
  6. Messer Im Kopf (Titelmusik)
  7. Endstation Freheit (Titlemusik)
  8. Der Tote Bin Ich (Titlemusik)
  9. Lurk
  10. Loony’s Walk
  11. Flachenbrand (Titlemusik)
  12. Decision
  13. Der Elch
  14. Koto
  15. Im Herzen Des Hurrican (Titelmusik)

Filmmusik Anthology 4

  1. Flavia Theme (Variationen Uber Ein Thema Von J.S Bach)
  2. Strange Luck
  3. Arrow From Beyond
  4. Being Dwarf (Dream III)
  5. Quattrocanti
  6. Tears (Flavia Theme IV)
  7. Falling
  8. Fresco & Finale (Flavia Theme III & IV)
  9. Die Letze Prufung
  10. Schneeland
  11. Aaron
  12. Ina & Aaron
  13. Tatoo
  14. Bondage
  15. Airport

Filmmusik Anthology 5

  1. Exit West
  2. Dangerous
  3. Coming Home
  4. Stigma
  5. Lied Vom Verschwinden
  6. Unheimliche Entdeckung
  7. Tausendschonchen
  8. Silbergraue Augen
  9. Abschied
  10. Verlorene Liebe Walter
  11. Im Waid
  12. Zucker Fur Die Bestie
  13. Bloch Bei Bloch
  14. Dark Morning
  15. Zicke Zick
  16. Hinter Glas
  17. Geisterlied
  18. Final cut

Filmmusik Anthology 6

  1. Chillum Code 4.5
  2. Enigmatikman
  3. Getting Lost
  4. ExtraGon Vice
  5. Why Not
  6. Broken Waltz
  7. NoCode Zero
  8. 2 Alone
  9. Twelve Tones
  10. L’Enfant du Soleil

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